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How does your patient want to receive their MRI scan findings?

In speaking with many of our clients we are finding that the idea of customer/patient service and achieving the perception of a high quality experience is extremely important. Both MRI Mobile and the clinics/hospitals that we deal with routinely perform quality survey’s that obtain direct feedback from the patient. One area that many of us overlook and/or make assumptions on is the communication of the radiological findings of the MRI scan to the patient.

Baseball, Hot Dogs... and Shoulder problems

Though baseball isn’t a “contact sport” per se, injuries do occur. Most people would think that base running collisions or outfielder mishaps would top the list, but the most common problems are actually at “the mound”. From little leaguers to American Legion and collegiate athletes on up to professionals on Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, pitchers are suffering from the repeated pitching motion overuse. Unfortunately, these injuries result in having some great budding careers cut short.

MRI guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) - Incision-less surgery is happening now!

High frequency focused ultrasound, aided by real-time MRI imaging, is currently being used to ablate uterine fibroids as well as providing relief for painful bone cancer sufferers here in the United States. Conceptually, High Frequency Focused Ultrasound (HiFU) works much like starting a leaf on fire focusing the suns rays through a magnifying lens. The glass focuses the rays to an endpoint that ablates (cooks) the point on the leaf. In this case, (HiFU) the surgeon is employing focused sound waves to ablate unwanted tissue.

How Information Technology is Affecting the Diagnostic Imaging Landscape:

Within the past ten (10) years the landscape and importance of Information Technology (IT) has risen to the highest level of corporate America…and become a major issue to be addressed in every diagnostic imaging department in the country.

Business Partner vs. Commodity Vendor:

How do you perceive your current mobile MRI vendor? Are they business partners, looking out for your best interests and helping you or are they just showing up and selling you a “commodity service” for your MRI diagnostics?

MRI Dilemma - Capacity Relief:

Capacity Relief:  Larger hospitals and clinics generally have at least one (1) high field MRI system in their imaging departments. Many times these single units provide enough volume capacity for the first few years of their life. However; as the population of an area grows it is not unusual for the MRI schedule to get “backed up” and for patients and physicians to be faced with ten (10) day to two (2) week delays in getting a patient in to be scanned.