Hospital/Clinics Groups

For the past Twenty four (24) years, MRI Mobile has partnered with hospitals, clinics, and group practices across the Northwest to help them expand their capabilities in the MR imaging arena.

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For hospitals and physicians, the choice is clear

  • Secure a complete outsource solution for all your MR imaging needs.
  • Provide exceptional, diagnostic-quality imaging services without a major capital expense in a matter of weeks... not months or years.
  • Receive professional support from our start-up team and ARRT-trained technologists, ensuring a transparent relationship between you and your patients. We are keenly aware that our performance while on your campus reflects as much on you as it does on us. And we train for it.
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility in your contract whether you need temporary or long-term MRI service; whether you already offer MRI or not.

Is MRI Mobile right for your facility?

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MRI Mobile provides state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained technologists, and unparalleled contractual flexibility.

  • Enables mid-cap and rural facilities to initiate MRI exam services for their patients and physicians
  • Helps large and metropolitan area hospitals address capacity constraints (i.e., overflow and backlog issues)
  • Provides "bridge service" for facilities that are installing new systems or upgrading current MRI magnets
  • Can provide joint-venture and other partnership arrangements leading to magnet acquisitions and free-standing type entities