MRI Mobile

Bringing a 48 foot trailer with a 1.5T MRI system to your facility is not what MRI Mobile is all about. We provide exceptional diagnostic imaging quality to health care providers and their patients and aim to exceed both patient and provider expectations for service and patient care. That's what we're all about, and that's what differentiates "vendors" from health care business partners. It's the people, philosophy, patient care motive, flexibility and consistent execution  that will make MRI a positive extension of your services to physicians and patients.

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A World-Class MRI Facility... To Go!

Our mobile fleet delivers industry-leading General Electric (1.5T)  high-field magnets to medical centers, mid-cap and rural hospitals and clinics that might not otherwise be able to offer such high-quality MR imaging. In fact, MRI Mobile equipment is newer and more powerful than many in-house, fixed site hospital systems.

Patients and physicians receive the same quality imaging provided at major medical centers without the inconvenience of traveling miles from home.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Group Practices

The choice for hospitals and clinics is clear -- an adaptable outsource solution for all your MR imaging needs. The benefit is  exceptional diagnostic-quality imaging services without a major capital expense in a matter of weeks, not months or years. This service includes flexibility and professional support from our start-up team and ARRT-trained technologists who ensure a transparent relationship between you and your patients. Rest assured, we are keenly aware that our performance, while on your campus, reflects as much on you as it does on us. And we train for it.

Nuts & Bolts

All of our mobile MRI systems are DICOM compatible. Our IT (Information Technology) team will work directly with your network/PACS teams to ensure images are delivered to the appropriate area/workstations on your system for rapid interpretation amd reporting by your radiologists