St. Luke’s Magic Valley employs MRI Mobile as MRI “Capacity Bridge”

 Capacity Bridge: Larger hospitals and clinics generally have at least one (1) high field MRI system in their imaging departments. Many times these single units provide enough volume capacity for the first few years of their life. However; as the population of an area grows it is not unusual for the MRI schedule to get “backed up” and for patients and physicians to be faced with ten (10) day to two (2) week delays in getting a patient in for an MRI exam.

This was the situation at St. Luke’s Magic Valley that moved them to employ MRI Mobile's GE High Definition mobile HD system as a “bridge” for their expanding volumes and the volume growth at their “sister facility” St. Luke’s Jerome this year. The two entities now share the MRI Mobile system for multiple days each week on a scheduled basis. In this manner addressing the capacity needs and being able to book a patient in a very timely fashion are easily accomplished.

Physicians like knowing that their patients will be scanned as quickly as possible. Patients like the service availability at both facilities. Hospital Administration likes knowing that they are serving the public need without the immediate large capital investment required for “brick & mortar” facilities added to their physical structure at a cost of millions while they prove their business case for such a future investment.

Everyone wins by employing a very flexible solution to a capacity issue that might have sent patients to other imaging facilities to obtain their MRI exam.