Lake District Hospital gets an assist from MRI Mobile to move into their own fixed site MRI system

Lakeview Oregon:

Lakeview is a small rural community in Southern Oregon that has a great american flavor to it. A number of years ago, Lake Ditrict Hospital engaged MRI Mobile to bring state of the art MRI scanning to the community. As with many rural communities, anyone needing an MRI exam had to drive over an hour (one way) to get their exam. At the outset of the MRI Mobile/Hospital partnership relationship the management indicated that eventually they would like to have their own "fixed site" system installed in their planned new hospital facility.

Fast forward about eight years and Lake District Hospital's (LDH) goal of a new facility and a fixed site MRI system has been realized. Using MRI Mobile first as a once per week mobile system and moving up to a 24/7 rental from MRI Mobile, LDH proved their business case and has their new GE 1.5T magnet in place serving their community as they envisioned.

We certainly wish this "graduate partner" the very best as we part ways from a very efficient and effective mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship.