Baseball, Hot Dogs... and Shoulder problems

Though baseball isn’t a “contact sport” per se, injuries do occur. Most people would think that base running collisions or outfielder mishaps would top the list, but the most common problems are actually at “the mound”. From little leaguers to American Legion and collegiate athletes on up to professionals on Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, pitchers are suffering from the repeated pitching motion overuse. Unfortunately, these injuries result in having some great budding careers cut short. A recent article in Radiology Today magazine explores a study that sheds light on what’s happening. It’s important enough that even MLB is setting guidelines to address the overuse with a program just initiated in November of 2014 called “Pitch Smart”. You can read more about this by clicking on the links below. Enjoy the read.

Armed with Information for more than a century, pitchers have suffered arm injuries—with what most perceived as little rhyme or reason—while playing baseball. However, a recent study of shoulder MRIs by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital may shed light on the cause of some of the most severe injuries. -

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