How does your patient want to receive their MRI scan findings?

In speaking with many of our clients we are finding that the idea of customer/patient service and achieving the perception of a high quality experience is extremely important. Both MRI Mobile and the clinics/hospitals that we deal with routinely perform quality survey’s that obtain direct feedback from the patient. One area that many of us overlook and/or make assumptions on is the communication of the radiological findings of the MRI scan to the patient. The key question that we must ask is “what is the patient’s preference for reviewing the findings?” Is it physician expertise over familiarity, or is it physician familiarity over expertise? As a company, we don’t have to make this decision because we don’t communicate any part of the technical component with the patient. However, as a business partner with the hospitals/clinics we like to have these types of discussions to help our partners with perceptions and delivering the highest quality services possible.
In most cases, looking from the inside out, we’re finding that the hospital/clinic’s assumption is that expertise trumps familiarity in this equation. For me, having had a recent lower back problem, I can say unequivocally that familiarity was more important. Communication is a two-way street and having a relationship made all the difference in the questions that I asked and how the information presented was discussed. How would you approach the situation with yourself, your spouse or loved one?
There’s a great article in Radiology Business Magazine this month entitled “Study: Patients prefer familiarity over expertise when learning results” For your convenience, here’s a url link to get you there.
I hope that you find the article helpful and you have a good internal conversation on what your patient’s preferences might be. Regards, Michael