Cascade Medical Center, Cascade, ID - Spotlight on Growth

Cascade Medical Center, Cascade, ID

Cascade Idaho is beginning to be known for its annual "White Water Kayaking Tournament". Cascade Medical Center serves this community with general medical care and employs their own multi-slice CT to assist them in ER and overall diagnoses. CMC had been referring their MRI patients out to nearby McCall for their MRI exams. This arrangement was necessary as CMC just didn’t have the volume of patients (so they thought) or the necessary capital to invest the millions of dollars necessary to expand their facility to include a "fixed site" MRI suite.

CMC administration decided that the time had come to engage with a mobile MRI service to better serve the needs of their community and physicians. To make it easy for this little town's population to receive this advanced imaging technology, CMC partnered with MRI Mobile and decided to launch their MRI services on a Saturday so as not to make their patients have to take time off to be scanned during the normal business week days.  

MRI Mobile’s history shows that as a company we are not afraid to assist our clients in providing scheduled services to accommodate their specific needs.That’s what a true business partner will (and should) do for you…wouldn’t you agree!