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What is MRI ?

MRI stands for "magnetic resonance imaging". It's a non-invasive, revolutionary process that enables doctors to "see" right through bone as well as evaluate soft tissue inside your body, without surgery and without the radiation that is used in x-rays and CT scans.

Patientnformation - MRI Mobile

Welcome to MRI Mobile

We specialize in MRI technology and only MRI technology, so we can provide you and your physician with the most powerful imaging capabilities available.

We are proud to be the imaging partner that physicians have trusted for themselves and their patients for over Twenty four (24) years.

Ordering an MRI Exam - MRI Mobile

Ordering an MRI for your hospital / clinic location serviced by MRI Mobile is a simple process. Here's all you need to do:

Clinical Applications - Mobile

MRI is a useful tool in detecting structural, soft tissue, musculoskeletal, and vascular abnormalities and diseases. Please click on the following headers for additional information 

Brain MRI Indications

Available Exams - Mobile

The list below is a representation of some of the general MRI studies we perform. These exams may be performed with or without contrast:

Head & Neck:
Useful for ruling out possible structural causes of headache or cerebro-vascular disease, such as TIAs and stroke, as well as the diagnosis of inflammatory and congenital diseases, tumors, and the results of trauma.

MRI Contrast Exams - Mobile

Contrast agents are used during MRI to enhance diagnostic effectiveness for certain diseases, particularly those of the brain and spine. These agents are also useful in diagnosing disease in bones and joints, liver, breast, and soft tissue. Contrast MRI is also useful in clarifying diagnoses and ruling out certain conditions. The use of contrast agents does not necessarily indicate that an abnormality has been identified.

Physician Information - MRI Mobile

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