Gary Moore, CEO
Shoshone Medical Center

We sincerely appreciate the cooperation and absolute candor of the individuals that were kind enough to allow us to capture their thoughts and images. We feel that the relationships that we develop and the consistent communication with our business partners is what sets us apart and makes for a "business partnership" vs. a "vendor" type of relationship.

We strive to bring exceptional diagnositic imaging to you, our clients as foundational to what we do; additionally, there is a business aspect that we provide that assists our clients in making more informed and better decisions. We pride ourselves in working that closely with our business partners.

Marcy Shimada, CEO
Edmonds Family Medicine

Steve Schlinder, Manager Diagnostic Imaging comments on the realtionship with MRI Mobile

S. Schlinder discusses Reliability & Responsiveness

MRI Mobile partnership as a "Bridge" to our own fixed site system